How FIFA Graphics & Gameplay Evolved (1993 - 2023) | WIRED

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14 gün önce

Kantcho Doskov, game design director on the FIFA team, breaks down how FIFA's gameplay has evolved over the years. Kantcho goes all the way back to 1993 to talk about FIFA's original isometric view and then breaks down FIFA 23's HyperMotion2 technology that's aided by artificial intelligence.
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Stunna girl
Stunna girl Gün önce
Now that fifa 23 is the last fifa game , I REMEMBER THOSE PRIME DAYS OF FIFA 12 ,14 AND 15 BRO THOSE DAYS JUST HIT DIFFERENT 😫
Marko Flash
Marko Flash Gün önce
The thing is ea doesnt try their hardest to deliver the best possible fifa anymore, im pretty sure they already have a plan to implement features over the next 10 games when they could implement them already in the next fifa
Pam Poovey
Pam Poovey Gün önce
"This is Fifa 23. It's insanely realistic."
Huzzzer Gün önce
In my opinion, FIFA 18 was the last true FIFA. 19, 20, 21 and 22 are like copy pastes of each other, littered with microtransactions.
RT Gün önce
Johannes Frans
Johannes Frans Gün önce
I remember tackling the ref in fifa 99 just for fun
Kole Gün önce
I remember playing fifa 10 for the first time and my thoughts were : a game can't look more realistic than that.
Charles David
Charles David Gün önce
This video feels like an ad.
Mate 2017
Mate 2017 Gün önce
Now, if only they made the games as good as they look...
Bradley Fitzik
Bradley Fitzik Gün önce
I wish FIFA would just get back to making good games instead of loot boxes dressed up as a football game
Alex Dings
Alex Dings 21 saatler önce
I love how he feels the need to clarify that FIFA 93 is "not based on motion capture" xD
Ace Vortux
Ace Vortux Gün önce
Bruh EA were soo good at making games in the Early 2000s. Now all they focus is more microtransactions and less improvement for the game.
MG Gün önce
While fifa career mode hasn't evolved
Adrian Andre
Adrian Andre Gün önce
I remember playing FIFA 2001 and dominating as Manchester United
good boid
good boid Gün önce
But but... where is the is the AI driven "Surprise mechanics"??? That's the core essence of Fifa!
Weaboo Milk
Weaboo Milk Gün önce
Now cover how FIFA manages to slap bangers on every soundtrack
Nooo Name
Nooo Name Gün önce
‘Machine learning’ yeah I know how this ends 💀
mryodak Gün önce
Cool stuff. I bet the game is almost as fun as ICE HOCKEY on NES.
Tinderbox Gün önce
This is an awkward period when kids who have grown up with microtransactions haven't aged to adulthood yet for 100%, 24/7 milking by software companies.
OlesGamingkanal 9 saatler önce
i think EA need to make the camera quality more like on a real TV and actually make the graphics a little worse but same game engine to make it even better.
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