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28 gün önce

John Boyega answers the internet's most searched questions about himself. What school did John Boyega go to? Does John have tattoos? Does he have an Oscar? Does he watch anime? Who does he play in Star Wars? John answers all these questions and much more!
John Boyega stars in BREAKING, in theaters now.
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Sunset Lover
Sunset Lover 21 gün önce
"does john boyega have an oscar"
Chris 21 gün önce
"Who does John Boyega support?" is obviously a football question like usual for British stars, but his "Mum, Dad" was hilarious. What a good answer.
Chris Haigh
Chris Haigh 21 gün önce
He is glowing and full of charisma, we love to see it 👏
skycat04 21 gün önce
I don't hate when people answer the "what is
WHTJunior 21 gün önce
I appreciate the candid responses. Be weird, support your parents, bond with your siblings, and enjoy what you do. One day, people will understand that they won't like everything, and that doesn't mean others have to agree with them, or that those things are bad. Getting mad about it doesn't help anyone. Gatekeeping other people does not make you the better person. Thanks for your contributions to cinema, John, and thanks to WIRED for doing these.
Chase Hedges67
Chase Hedges67 21 gün önce
John Boyega is a fantastic guy and awesome actor. He deserves better after the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy.
Megan Ripley
Megan Ripley 21 gün önce
The man has so much charisma. Really hope he gets cast in a comedy or as a romantic lead because I feel he would absolutely kill it.
Thembelihle Memela
Thembelihle Memela 21 gün önce
He captured in words what a lot of us anime fans try to express when we say anime is not cartoons. The depth and the storyline and yes feeling like the characters are actually living and breathing people. 🙌
Linedancing_Zalika 21 gün önce
I am so happy that he answered the "What is John Boyega doing now?" question the way he did because I didn't know about the 'They Cloned Tyrone' movie. C'mon actors if you want support answer the question accordingly.
Khalilah D.
Khalilah D. 21 gün önce
He is so bubbly and light hearted I love it 💜
Jackie Walsh
Jackie Walsh 21 gün önce
He is delightful and I would totally date him if he asked. But since he probably won’t, I’ll settle for watching star wars over and over
Hopper Nero
Hopper Nero 21 gün önce
Watching this man is a joy, I missed him
Karl Chan
Karl Chan 21 gün önce
His energy is OFF THE CHARTS
Dot Rain
Dot Rain 21 gün önce
John Boyega seems like such a nice guy and I love his acting, I hope to see him in many more movies!
NoizEKricket 21 gün önce
He just seems like such a good dude.
Pozzezz 21 gün önce
Playing young Mike Tyson would be a perfect role for this guy. Imagine him with a face tat and fierce eyebrows and it's there.
Captain_Commenter 21 gün önce
John has some of best answers to these questions ever 😂🤣
ebzisaac06 21 gün önce
does John Boyega have an Oscar
Dezalt™ 21 gün önce
This guy is so energetic I love him for that, hopefully he will get another huge role after this because Disney did him dirty with the god awful Star Wars sequels. He deserves better.
Emperatriz La Torre
Emperatriz La Torre 21 gün önce
Me apareció este video como publicidad, pero él tiene tal carisma que tuve que buscar esta entrevista para verla completa, espero verlo en más películas, parece ser un tipo muy agradable.😊
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