How Artemis Astronauts Plan to Grow Plants on the Moon | WIRED

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As NASA ramps up the Artemis program, growing plants using water and soil from the moon could become a necessity during longer duration stays there. When space biologists recently grew plants in actual moon soil, it was a game changer. WIRED spoke with Sharmila Bhattacharya to find out exactly how they did it.
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The Greenish Knight
The Greenish Knight 21 gün önce
Just imagine one day looking at the moon, and seeing the color green.
Fabio Rota
Fabio Rota 21 gün önce
Regolith is actually a term which refers to the surface material of any planets, so soil is just a type of regolith
Ivan Padilla
Ivan Padilla 21 gün önce
They’ve also talked about utilizing raised beds on the moon. Using techniques that the Native Americans would use. What a cool idea.
Bata Alexander
Bata Alexander 21 gün önce
It's a shame that there isn't much more and more detailed discussion on this topic. For example, it is not clear whether there is a chemical, or some kind of mechanical toxicity, or some trace elements are missing.
Malcolm Mutambanengwe
Malcolm Mutambanengwe 14 gün önce
Having something positive and uniting like a lunar base would be great for humanity
useazebra 21 gün önce
Soil is not necessary for growing plants. The much bigger problem is the lack of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. Hydroponic greenhouses grow massive amounts of food with no soil, but they spend a lot of money just to blow fresh air over the plants to help them get more CO2 and grow faster.
KT 21 gün önce
Seems easier to just send Earth-based substrates to grow the plants in unless there’s a really simple way to purify the lunar dust. That stunting of growth looked pretty significant and you don’t want your astronauts eating plants that are potentially absorbing heavy metals or other contaminants.
Araz Zeyniyev
Araz Zeyniyev 21 gün önce
the video should be renamed biologists are NOT planning to grow plants on the moon.
Kyle League
Kyle League 14 gün önce
They mention how more "aged" regolith caused more stress. Would it help to just dig down to unweathered regolith? How far down would they have to go?
熟肉CookedMeat(にく) 21 gün önce
I know it was suppose to be an artistic expression but it's hilarious if you take the thumbnail seriously.
PEDIATRI 21 gün önce
Imagine if they could spend this money on earth to protect the planet we are living in ….
Khalilah D.
Khalilah D. 21 gün önce
This is insane 😭
beth the fam
beth the fam 21 gün önce
Oh wow that is remarkable discovery. I hope you can find a way. Keep discovering and happy discoveries I hope in the future. I am wowed at the discovery. I hope things gets better!!
Justin 21 gün önce
Would a very large amount of human activity (building structures, altering terrain shapes) influence tides or anything that the moon affects us here on earth?
kat russell
kat russell 21 gün önce
Stinging nettles would be good to grow. They are hardy and very nutritious.
Tim Parsons
Tim Parsons 21 gün önce
"You mean, he's going to plough the moon's surface? What ever will he plant?!"
Lou Zeffer
Lou Zeffer 21 gün önce
Marky P
Marky P Gün önce
So it’s possible they could grow certain plants…But clearly would need to be in bullet (mini meteor) proof greenhouses, with LEDs, to provide optimum light and an oxygenated atmosphere that keeps a tolerable temperature?
John Robinson
John Robinson Gün önce
So, regolith taken for deeper layers should be better, perhaps? This seems like it would be easy to achieve given enough infrastructure: soil mining.
John Robinson
John Robinson Gün önce
Maybe some microbes could 'sequester' the problematic metals, etc.
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