Civilian Tries on NASA Spacesuit For the First Time | WIRED

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How does WIRED's Brent Rose feel about being the first person outside of the space program to try on a pressurized space suit? "The geekiest kid, in the nerdiest candy store in the universe!" Watch as Brent tries on and shows off the newest in space suit technologies with the help of ILC Dover, the company that makes these human-sized space ships.
Director: Wendi Jonassen
Director of Photography: Jim Zura
Senior Editor: Brady Jackson
Host: Brent Rose
Talent: Daniel Klopp, Greg Muller
Producer: Adam Davis-McGee
Line Producer: Joseph Buscemi
Associate Producer: Melissa Cho
Production Manager: Eric Martinez
Production Coordinator: Fernando Davila
Audio: Jeremy Lane
Cam Op: Billy Stewart
Production Assistant/Grip: Mitchel Earley
Post Production Supervisor: Alexa Deutsch
Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant
Supervising Editor: Doug Larsen
Junior Editor: Paul Tael
Assistant Editor: Billy Ward
Special Thanks: NASA Johnson Space Center, ILC Dover
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Liquid Flames
Liquid Flames 14 gün önce
"It's like being born all over again. Push, mom!"
Khalilah D.
Khalilah D. 14 gün önce
Had no idea there were so many layers to the suit 😭
ellementira 14 gün önce
I don't know what I was expecting when they got to the part about how they make them but a few ancient Singer sewing machines in a drab office is not what I pictured 😆
Rainer 14 gün önce
Cool Video and impressive space suit, although i prefer the russian orlan design (big door in the back). Oh and Polaris Dawn (civilian EVA) is slated for 12/ not that far of.
THE AVENGERS 14 gün önce
Hope to travel to space one day
Touch. Me. I Will Turn You 🔞
Touch. Me. I Will Turn You 🔞 14 gün önce
Had no idea there were so many layers to the suit
IM_ agine
IM_ agine 14 gün önce
ᵖᵗᵒᵒᵉᵞ 14 gün önce
whelp, count me out being an astronaut.. can’t bear the thought of not being able to scratch that itch
mootopia 14 gün önce
World keeps changing, but Brent is still Brent!
Sudstah Gaming
Sudstah Gaming 14 gün önce
Still a long way to go with space suits nevermind the rockets and ships
Lolo Soso
Lolo Soso 14 gün önce
Hope I can wear it one day 👨‍🚀🌌🚀
Islington Free News Media
Islington Free News Media 14 gün önce
ILC Dover made them all - really, including the Apollo mission suits? I thought they only designed them and had Playtex manufacture them.
H -RA 14 gün önce
So... This is the final product? I don't see much changed....
Based 14 gün önce
Fun Fact:
neuron1618 14 gün önce
Weren't those orange suits orange so they would be highly visible in case an unfortunate astronaut somehow ends up floating in the ocean? A blue&black color scheme seems like a slight design flaw in that regard.
Pedro Santos
Pedro Santos 14 gün önce
gfunkpalace1 14 gün önce
So this company makes space suits... that NASA didn't buy, and has no plans to buy. This is like the group MARS ONE that trains to go to MARS, but aren't astronauts, or pilots, or assigned to any vehicles. These suits aren't that far off legitimate NASA or ROSCOSMOS suits, but they aren't the same either.
valenpam 14 gün önce
Now kids, remember to wind up the spring locks.
Aterhallsam 14 gün önce
Think about how big percentage of the people that have worn one of these have died shortly after. I mean, compared to a pair of Levis.
Tim Parsons
Tim Parsons Gün önce
100% chance Adam Savage and Ryan Nagata are here watching this video for reference.
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